Spaz is a Unique Distortion plugin that adds an insane layered sound to your tracks in just a couple clicks.

Choose one of 20 Diverse presets layered with hundreds of different variables so you can easily find something that suits your music (no matter what genre or style)

$50  FREE

Hear the Difference

Hear the Difference Before and After using Spaz on one of your sounds.
Each one of these previews was created by simply choosing a preset and pressing play.

Before and After 808

Before and After Spaz



Before and After Vocals


Before and After Synth Bass

Frictionless Creativity

Spaz comes with a 20 Diverse Presets so you can quickly and easily find a preset that works for your track, which means less time adjusting knobs and more time Creating!

Control Your Sound

Spaz has a Main Control (overall knob) that lets you control the amount of Spaz you wish to add to your track, so you can customize and automate the sound how you want.

Quick, Easy, & Powerful

Quickly scroll through presets to easily find the perfect sound for your beats every time.

So stop letting complicated plugins prevent you from getting the sound you want, Spaz helps you achieve frictionless creativity now.

What Other Producers are Saying...

"Probably My Favorite 808 Preset"
- Felix

"The Presets themselves are pretty Hard." - Geortz

"It Works great when you have a good sound that you want to Enhance."
- Sash Beats

When you Download Spaz Today You Get...

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  ✅  Unlimited Free Presets

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Works with All your Favorite Software!

Don't Worry, Spaz is Compatible with all your Favorite DAWS such as FL Studio,
Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, & Studio One